Walking and Hiking Trips

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu


Enjoy a guided nature walk. All our walks are located in rural Nicosia and provide unique views from paths not so visited and well-known. This activity is for you if you wish to explore nature at a slowe pace. Minimum size for walking and hiking groups is 4 persons.

Use the Register button to get yourself in an adventure. If you can’t find the date that suits you or you are a large group, then please use the Get in Touch page to discuss more options.

General Details

Who is it for?
This activity is for everyone. Gather the entire family and/or friends and book a walk in rural Nicosia while learning new skills and exploring your surroundings.

What should I bring?
– Hiking boots
– Water
– Suitable snacks for the walk
– Hiking sticks (optional)
– Camera (recommended)

Various locations (have a special location in mind? Contact us to arrange a safe trip for you)

Nicosia Waking Trips

Appis Trail

Route description: A walk through a forgotten but stunning trail offering you views of the surrounding villages and overlooking Pentadaktylos mountain range and the coast of Morfou. Walk on old stone terraced walls, through pine and golden oak formations and explore seasonal edible herbs.
Distance: 6,5 km linear (Total: 13 km) – Can be extended or walk just the 6,5km
Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty: 3
Cost: 25 EUR p.p (minimum of 4 people)

Pikrovrisi of Merikas

Route description: Walk through volcanic rocks along the path right next to Pedieos river. A round trip of 9.5 km through Kalo Chorio Orinis or an alternative route of 13km through Kalo Chorio Orinis back country. Let us know what you prefer. Walk through the river of Maroulena and explore the riparian vegetation and diverse species of birds that inhabit the terrain.
Distance: 9,5 km or 12 km
Duration: 2 – 4 hours
Difficulty: 2
Cost: 25 EUR p.p (minimum of 4 people)

Papoutsa Peak

Route description: Residents of nearby villages used to climb the peak to pray for rain during the tough years of drought. A short and sweet route that allows you to climb one of the highest points in Cyprus offering stunning views of the Limassol seaside, Troodos mountaintops and Measoria valley. Walk on a unique rocky terrain, through golden oak assemblies while taking in these breathtaking views.
Distance: 3 km
Duration: 1 – 3 hours
Difficulty: 3
Cost: 10 EUR p.p (minimum of 4 people)

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Terms and Conditions

Payment Methods:
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Walking Tour in Rural Nicosia


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