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Welcome Note

At present more than 50% of the population is living in urban environments and the projections show that 70% of the population will live in cities by 2050, globally. In Cyprus in 2019, 67% of the population was living in urban areas already. With more people living in sanitised city environments, there is much more need for people to return to nature.

Spending time in nature has been shown to have many positive health effects including: improvement in concentration, mood, self-esteem, and therefore reducing stress and anxiety which eventually is boosting our immune system by relearning to be wild.

With that in mind, our purpose is to create a safe environment in nature for people to enjoy and rewild themselves through different outdoor activities. We are here to support you to:

– Escape city life
– Learn new skills
– Get out of your comfort zone
– Reconnect with nature

Wildside Cyprus is creating activities with professional outdoor instructors that can guide you through new experiences. Our activities include learning survival skills, swimming and climbing on rocky coasts and exploring beautiful hikes.

All of our events are listed under the Activity Calendar tab. Browse through, find something you like and let’s discuss to book your next adventure.

If you have something specific in mind, let us know so that we can plan together your dream activity in order for you to have the best experience.

Looking forward to meeting you and enjoying what nature has to offer together.

Our Instructors

Constantinos Charalambous

Outdoor Instructor Leader

Constantinos is an outdoor enthusiast, a climber, an open water swimmer, a trekker, and a bushcrafter.

His passion is to explore different sites as well as to share these with people. His goal is to reintroduce as many people as possible to nature and help them start their rewilding process.

His story started at a young age as he used to join his grandfathers for fishing, swimming or collecting edibles. As he was growing up though, the time in nature was quickly replaced by a study room and a desk job, which created a feeling of imbalance.

Soon after he decided to invest himself in nature and learn as many things as he could. When time was available from his demanding job (usually on weekends), he threw himself into nature – literally – to discover, explore and learn.

When the time was right he took a year off work to participate in an intensive 15-week outdoor instructor training course in the UK with Land & Wave. The course gave him the opportunity to learn and develop leadership skills leading people safely outside.

Wanting to share his passion with the rest of us, he created Wildside Cyprus to guide people to their rewilding journey by participating in activities outside.

Additionally, Constantinos holds a BSc in Economics and Finance and an MSc in Supply Chain & Logistics Management. He speaks Greek and English.

In his free time you will probably find him somewhere outdoors.

  • Canoe, Sea Kayak and SUP Awards
  • Paddlesport Instructor
  • Open Water Lifeguard
  • Water Safety and Rescue
  • Lowland Leader

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